Corps of Engineers Feasibility Study

Please download the Corps of Engineers Feasibility Study Documents below.

Floodplain map similar to 1998

Click on this link to see a Corps of Engineers floodplain map that depicts a flow about equal to the February 3, 1998 flood. While the map's flooding footprint is greater than what was experienced 18 years ago, it approximates the relative water depths during that event. Permalink  |  Document posted on: 11/21/2015

Army Corps of Engineers 100-year floodplain map

Corps of Engineers map representing where water is expected to flood during a 100-year storm Permalink  |  Document posted on: 03/01/2011

San Francisquito Creek Corps of Engineers
Project Management Plan

The “PMP” is the planning document that guides the Corps of Engineers and JPA’s Feasibility Study on San Francisquito Creek for Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration Permalink  |  Document posted on: 01/26/2010