Upstream of U.S. Highway 101

Interactive Project Map

Note: Click on the map to see photos and learn more about sites along the creek.

Staff from the SFCJPA and its member agencies have long been analyzing what capital improvements are necessary to provide increased protection for the flood prone reach of San Francisquito Creek upstream (west) of U.S. Highway 101.  Over the summer and fall of 2015, an SFCJPA Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will analyze the impacts of various project elements alone and in conjunction with one another.

The comments we received in 2013 and early 2014 at public meetings, by mail and e-mail regarding these potential projects are influencing the process and products as we move forward.  We are closely analyzing a suite of projects, known as the baseline project, that can provide flood protection approximately equal to the 1998 flood of record and allow all water that can pass beneath the Middlefield Road Bridge to safely remain in the channel all the way to the Bay.  We are also studying how additional efforts that could build upon the baseline project to provide greater protection against a 100-year flood and reduce the escalating financial burden of flood insurance relate to the baseline project.


The EIR will study a range of alternatives, and no decisions have been made regarding bridge alternatives or options related to 100-year protection. The EIR will take into account past and future public comments, and it will respond to those received during the official public comment period, which will occur when the Draft EIR is released this winter.

This analysis is being conducted locally, but adheres to Army Corps of Engineers’ standards so that the analysis can be included as a component of the ongoing Corps Feasibility Study, thus making the costs of the analysis eligible for credit against future federal appropriations for the Study.  It is also important to note that improvement to the flow capacity in this reach could not be completed before project improvements at U.S. Highway 101 and downstream to the San Francisco Bay are completed, which is anticipated to occur in 2017.

These projects will be built for and by our communities, and we look forward to your continued input into our work.