Upstream of U.S. Highway 101

Interactive Project Map

Note: Click on the map to see photos and learn more about sites along the creek.

Since the fall of 2009, staff from the SFCJPA and one of its member agencies, the Santa Clara Valley Water District, have been analyzing what capital improvements are necessary to provide 100-year flood protection for the flood prone reach of San Francisquito Creek upstream of U.S. Highway 101. Creek capacity improvements being analyzed include bridge replacement, channel widening and naturalization, floodwall construction or enhancement, a bypass culvert, and upstream detention facility.  It is likely that a suite of these alternatives will be required to address the flooding problem.


This analysis is being conducted locally, but adheres to Army Corps of Engineers’ planning standards so that the analysis can be included as a component of the Corps Feasibility Study, making the costs of the analysis eligible for credit against future federal appropriations for the Study.  It is also important to note that improvement to the flow capacity would not be constructed until project improvements at U.S. Highway 101 and downstream to the San Francisco Bay are completed.