Caltrans Highway 101 project

Caltrans is in the design and environmental review phases of a project to replace the U.S. Highway 101 (and frontage roads) crossing over San Francisquito Creek to improve traffic flow. Knowing this, in 2008, the JPA approached Caltrans to request that their bridge replacement project also increase the Creek’s capacity to accommodate a greater flow at that point.

Currently, the channel flow capacity is less than half of what is needed to accommodate a 100-year event. In the spring of 2009, Caltrans agreed to improve the floodwater capacity of the bridge structure to match JPA improvements for the channel to provide flood protection should a 100-year creek flow event occur at the same time as a high tide event. Below is a picture of the West Bayshore Road crossing during the 5-year event in January 2010.


The construction of this project is scheduled to begin in 2014.  The SFCJPA will be responsible for designing and constructing the inlet from the Creek at the upstream face of West Bayshore Road, which will be part of the SFCJPA’s Highway 101 to El Camino Real Project, as well as the outlet from the bridge at the downstream face of East Bayshore Road, which will be part of the design of the SF Bay to Highway 101 Project. Together, the project elements implemented by the SFCJPA and Caltrans will meet structural stability upgrades and traffic improvements sought by Caltrans, as well as provide for capacity needed to protect the highway and surrounding communities from flooding.