Corps of Engineers Feasibility Study

The San Francisquito Creek General Investigation Study (Study) is a Congressionally authorized Feasibility Study being conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), with the SFCJPA as the Local Sponsor.  This Study will determine the feasibility of a federally funded project to reduce flood damages, restore ecosystems and create recreational opportunities within the San Francisquito Creek watershed.

Study costs are shared equally by the federal government and the SFCJPA.  The project is currently in the feasibility phase, during which the Corps and the JPA are jointly analyzing the technical, environmental, and financial merits and impacts of alternatives.  The final result of this project may – or may not – be to provide 100-year flood protection as the Corps’ goal is to provide the best flood reduction for the most people at the most reasonable cost, with the added goals of restoring the natural environment and exploring recreational opportunities.  At the conclusion of the Study, the Corps will create a Federally Preferred Plan and seek Congressional authorization to implement that plan.

Many of the tasks being completed for the Feasibility Study are informing the planning of capital projects on which the SFCJPA and its member agencies may begin construction ahead of final federal appropriations for the Feasibility Study.  These capital projects will be considered elements of the Preferred Plan, and will be eligible for future federal credit against final construction costs of the Preferred Plan.